Characterizing and Detecting Anti-patterns in the Logging Code

Characterizing and Detecting Anti-patterns in the Logging Code

This is the data package for our paper.

Characterization Dataset

[Download: Characterization Dataset]

The archive contains 3 txt files and 1 excel file. The excel file shows the id of logging instances and the manual analysis result. To examine the real logging code, search "ForRandom:[id]" in the txt file.

Oracle Dataset

[Download: Oracle Dataset]

The archive contains 6 files. The precision result, recall result, source code of the historical releases, and our detecting results.

In the recall result, we gave the file paths and the line number of the logging code.

In the detecting results, to search for anti-patterns, use keywords:

  • WrongVerbosityLevel
  • DUP1
  • DUP2
  • NullableObjects
  • MalformedOutputs
  • ExplicitCast

Anti-pattern Instances Dataset

[Download: Anti-pattern Instances Dataset]

[Download: Filed bug reports]

The archive contains 11 files: the source code archive of the ten latest releases, and the detecting results.

Similar to the second part, search the keywords for corresponding anti-patterns.


[Download: Source code of LCAnalyzer]